5 Criteria for Handling Patients: What makes It Safe and Successful?

In a survey presented by OSHA, injuries of patients in nursing and residential homes were notably higher than those in other workplaces such as construction sites, retail, and manufacturing. While the study was gathered in 2012, the seriousness of patient handling stays the same. Family members of these patients will want to entrust their loved ones in facilities with staff who can provide quality care and service.

As a provider of needs for healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, we know that having the right number of staff in the team can help deliver quality care to the patient. The sufficient number of healthcare staff, along with the following criteria, can help establish safe and successful patient handling:

1. Effective management
In the management level, the supervisors or managers in a healthcare facility must commit to providing quality patient handling of their clients. Managers can provide consistent communication and follow-ups to their subordinates in order to ensure that instructions and regulations on patient handling are properly disseminated. Having sufficient medical staffing in California can help managers ensure that the safety policies are set in place.

2. Frontline healthcare team
The frontline team is also essential in enforcing the policies of patient handling successfully. After all, they are the ones who are performing the actual handling of the patient. They are at the forefront of bathing a bedbound senior, transferring a wheelchair-bound patient to the bed, or administering IV treatments. A reliable set of frontline healthcare team helps ensure safe patient handling.

3. Evaluated hazards
There are hazards everywhere but especially in healthcare facilities. When handling patients, these hazards have to be noted and addressed. Factors such as the size of the patient’s room, care activity, and what equipment to use have to be evaluated so that healthcare providers will know how to stay away from such hazards.

4. Use of technology
Presently, there are state-of-the-art sets of equipment that can be used to better handle patients. In activities such as lifting patients, transferring and repositioning them even, hazards and falls can occur. But with the right equipment such as a lifting machine, moving the patient can be more efficient and safer.

5. Training
The healthcare team also needs to be educated and trained regularly when it comes to handling their patients safely. Repeated training sessions can serve as refresher course for experienced staff while educational for the new hires. With the right training, the healthcare staff can understand the criteria for safe patient handling.

Are you observing appropriate methods to deliver successful and safe patient handling? If you don’t have sufficient nursing staff to implement these practices, let us help you. Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC is a provider of staffing solutions for your healthcare services. If your team lacks the appropriate number of licensed care professionals, just contact us for the added boost. We will respond to your concerns in the best time possible.

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