Different Roles for Nurses in the Healthcare Field

Being in the healthcare field entails a role that holds a vital contribution to the overall wellness of the community. Each health professional’s role in a particular area of expertise is different. Their duties and responsibilities vary, depending on which they chose to specialize in.

As such, providers of medical staffing in California, ensure that every nurse performs their role well wherever they are placed.

The different roles that a nurse can partake in as they help various patients include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Direct Patient Care
They provide hands-on assistance to patients, working directly with them at the bedside. They collaborate with an interdisciplinary team and work to accomplish various tasks for the patient and their loved ones.

2. Indirect Patient Care
They help the bedside nurse and interdisciplinary team in providing the necessary care and support for the patient. Often, they partake in a management or administrative role in various settings, such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, correctional healthcare facilities, etc.

3. Advanced Practice Registered Nursing
Nursing professionals with graduate-level degrees oversee the nursing staff. They perform high-level duties as a nurse practitioners, clinical nurses, specialist nurses, or midwife-nurse anesthetists.

Nurses can also help patients by being a public health nurse, clinical nurse educator, home health nurse, forensic nurse, hospice nurse, or travel nurse, among others. If you’re seeking employment opportunities in the aforementioned or other positions, a reliable provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California can help you.

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Outsource Your Hospital Staffing Needs

According to a Leaders for Today survey, around 30% of hospitals say they’re having problems looking for qualified candidates to fill their vacancies. Amid numerous cases like this, staffing agencies like us have continued to rise to help healthcare facilities maintain a network of competent and sought-after staff.

Our staffing solutions in California assist health institutions who direly need a reliable hand in recruiting the finest professionals for their team. Our experienced recruiters have worked with numerous establishments like yours. By partnering with us, you can focus on growing your business, while we source the best potential candidates to fill your open positions.

Our medical staffing in California includes:

1. Nursing
Research shows that quality nurse staffing helps promote care to your patients. Our recruiters will look for the most suitable nurses who can raise the standards of patient care and uphold your business goals and objectives.

2. Allied Health
Our healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, also specializes in recruiting well-trained and well-educated allied health professionals, including therapists, radiology technologists, health administrators, and others. Our intensive screening process assures you with the best results beyond expectations.

3. Medical Clerk
Medical clerks help make your services smoother and faster. They handle documentation responsibilities, billing records, and administrative tasks vital for your business operations. Allow our recruiters to help you maintain a team of competent clerks for your medical facility.

Outsourcing your staffing needs allows you to concentrate on running your facility’s operations. And working with Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC has helped our clients achieve their organization’s objectives and fuel their growth. From medical professionals to home care experts, our team makes sure to fill in your staff with the most suited individuals.

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Effective Ways to Retain Employees

Do you manage a healthcare facility? If so, then you know how important employee retention is. At Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC, innovative staffing solutions in California are our main offerings. So you can trust us to know how to go about it.

Here is a list of tips to help you keep employees around longer.

1. Focus on employee engagement.
An engaged workforce is a driven one. Involve your employees by conducting surveys on workplace issues, holding team-building activities, casually checking in with the staff, and encouraging open communication, among others.

2. Provide rewards and recognition where it’s due.
Appreciation from patients is always welcome, but recognition for a job well done to a caregiver or a healthcare professional makes them feel valued. Among the ways your leadership can show this is through monthly recognition dinners, special awards for exceptional services, and even informal shout-outs and extra time off.

3. Offer competitive compensation.
Unfortunately, passion and an enjoyable working environment aren’t enough to make your employees stay.They need to be compensated well, too. Your leadership must ensure that the compensation you provide is regularly weighed against the cost of the competition.

4. Invest in continual learning/education.
Whether yours is a nursing job or a medical job, you need to make sure that every staff member you employ is well-trained to maintain the quality of your services and to keep them interested in developing their craft. This also shows your organization as one that supports future career advancement.

Liked what you just read? As a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, we publish helpful tips and other relevant information to help you.

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Interview Tips for Aspiring Nursing Assistants

Nurses are a pivotal part of the healthcare industry as they manage multiple tasks for a smoother delivery of patient care. A nursing job requires extensive skills and experience. Hence, healthcare facilities typically lay out specific standards for nursing candidates. As a provider of medical staffing in California, Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC provides you with some tips to nail your job interview.

1. Understand why you get nervous.
Whenever you feel nervous before or during your CNA application interview, ask yourself why. Assess your emotions, and know how to respond to them. The more you understand your emotions, the better you can manage them.

2. Get enough sleep.
If you apply for a medical job through a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, establish a good sleeping routine days before your interview. Lack of sleep may set you back.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
Regardless of which CNA school you attended, interviewers are most likely to ask your strengths and weaknesses. Make a list of these things. During the interview, make sure to highlight your strengths. Mention only the manageable weaknesses, and tell your interviewer how you plan to overcome them.

4. Think of the interview as a conversation.
Don’t think of the job interview as a court trial. Rather, keep in mind that it’s a two-way conversation. You can also prepare intelligent questions to ask beforehand. With this, you can increase your chance of getting that job opening as a CNA.

5. Seek help from a provider of staffing solutions in California.
Experienced staffing agencies can guide you through your application process. Show that you’re confident and willing, and they’ll help you every step of the way.
Take pride that you’re in the registry in nursing. Your professional certification and on-field experience may help you nail the interview, and your confidence is your main key.

If you want to learn more tips or other information, browse through our blogs.

The Problem of Understaffing in the Healthcare Industry

In the world today, the healthcare industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries. With over 14 million people in the service in the United States alone, healthcare is continually growing. It is projected that within the next few years, about 3 million new medical jobs will be generated in the industry.

Despite the high generation of medical staff, a lot of healthcare institutions are severely understaffed. As a provider of staffing solutions in California, we are acquainted with the problems this brings. If you own a healthcare center, you should ensure that you are adequately manned as understaffing can result in the following problems for your business:

1. Employee Overwork
Understaffing means that one employee might have to do the work of 2 or more individuals altogether. This is not a good thing. Your employees will be constantly exhausted from the workload they have. In times when their nursing job may be too much, they might have to do overtime just to finish their work. This is counterproductive as tired employees won’t be able to do their work as efficiently. If you live in our area, we strongly advise you to immediately seek out our medical staffing in California to remedy the situation.

2. Low-Quality Service
When working as a medical caregiver, the first thing you should ensure is your own well-being. Understaffing can affect the care your employees can give to themselves. In turn, the kind of care they give to those under your medical institution is affected as well. Other than that, when your employees are juggling several obligations at one time, they might not be able to give the right kind of focus on their work. This will result in low-quality service that may hurt your care center.
If you need additional staff members, we at Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC can provide you with healthcare staffing in Gardena, California. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to leave us a message.

Five Key Traits of Great Certified Nursing Assistants

When it comes to healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, a lot of factors have to be considered to find the ideal certified nursing assistant or CNA. Whether you are a CNA yourself or an employer looking to expand your care team, it pays to know some of these qualities.

Here are five essential traits of great certified nursing assistants:

1. Time Management
Good time management is useful in any field, but especially so in nursing. Prioritizing tasks and using time efficiently will allow CNAs to provide quality nursing assistance for their patients. It also helps them manage stress and maximize their rest times to stay in top condition.

2. Attention to Detail
Patients depend on nursing professionals to observe, address, and report their condition accurately for effective health care. The ideal CNA should be organized and focused. Our staffing solutions in California match your due diligence by finding CNA candidates who possess this quality and more.

3. Cooperation
The ideal CNA must work well with their fellow nursing professionals and other members of the healthcare team. A well-coordinated team maximizes efficiency and resolves many issues with healthcare administration, ensuring the best results for both them and their patients.

4. Patience
No two patients are the same. Each one has unique care needs, wellness requirements, and preferences. To help them achieve better healing and wellness, their attending CNAs must have considerable patience.

5. Compassion
Patients face various struggles due to their condition. As a healthcare professional, the ideal CNA must have concern for those in their care. They must be open to their patients’ doubts, fears, and difficulties, as well as offer the best possible options for them and the people they love.
Our medical staffing in California makes sure to select CNAs who embody these traits and more. Whenever a medical job is needed, our experts match the client profile with the right candidates, securing the satisfaction of employers, employees, and their clients alike.

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5-Point Interview Tips for New Nurses

Are you a new nurse? Are you looking for opportunities to further your career? The nursing profession is a lucrative career nowadays. There are many opportunities open for you in agencies providing medical staffing in California. Aside from hospitals, you can also work in healthcare facilities and nursing care homes.

Yet, before you land in your first job, you need to cross over the first hurdle of the interview. Are you feeling nervous about your upcoming interview? Well, here are some tips for you:

1. Familiarize the location and timing of your interview.
If you have not yet been to their facility, it is practical if you can visit their location at least two days before. This way, you can also estimate your travel time. This can keep you from rushing to the venue and prepare your mind for the questions.

2. Sleep well on the night before the interview.
As a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, we know that these interviews can be nerve-wracking for first-timers. When you have slept well, you can be relaxed and prepared in answering the queries.

3. Study the company and Nursing Job you are applying for.
You need to be able to adjust your answers to the preference of the company and of the position you’re looking for. Studying can help you prepare.

4. Think of any possible hard question that they can ask you.
If you’re applying for a Medical Job, anticipate challenging questions that equal to your healthcare role. Preparing for these questions can help you find insightful answers.

5. Dress up in a way appropriate for the interview and location.
As a provider of staffing solutions in California, we know how our clothing can affect our mindset and attitude. When you dress smartly in this interview, you have already covered half of your mental readiness.
Do you need further help in your nurse or CNA application? At Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC, we can connect you with healthcare employees who are suited to your preference. Contact us for inquiries!

How to Find Great Nursing Assignments

Having a career as a nurse is exciting. You get to connect with people. You get to hear inspiring stories. To start your journey, you ought to send your resume to an agency that provides healthcare staffing in Gardena, California. This agency makes it easy to get an assignment that matches your healthcare skills.

Being a part of a team providing medical staffing in California means that there’s no need to worry about finding a job. You only need to plan how you’ll stand out among the other nurses in the agency’s list of healthcare personnel. Here are some tips you can follow.

1. Do a Research
Do a quick search on the Internet. This can give you an overview of what staffing solutions in California you can go for. You can then prepare the required papers ahead of time after doing your research.

2. Make Your Resume Glitter
Not in a literal sense. What you need to do is to make your resume reflect your training and qualifications. Did you graduate from a CNA school? Then make sure to show that in your resume when you apply for healthcare jobs.

3. Work With Your Recruiter
Sometimes, going straight to your recruiter works. The recruiter is the best personnel to help you find a great nursing job. They know how to assess your skills and match it with a suitable client. Their extensive network can open a lot of employment opportunities for you.

4. Ask Other Nurses’ Experience
Ask another nurse for their experience working in the healthcare industry. You will gain valuable insights from the stories of their assignments. They can also offer you tips on how to do your job better.

5. Be Flexible
You shouldn’t be too rigid when it comes to accepting a medical job. Try to be open to assignments in other locations and different shift hours. If you are flexible, more opportunities will come your way.

Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC can match you with the healthcare assignment suitable to your skills. Join us. You may also share this article with a nurse you know.

Adequate Staffing: Why It’s Important

Running a healthcare facility is no easy feat. As establishments that are in charge of taking care of people and saving lives, they must have enough manpower to take care of all aspects of the daily operations, particularly patient care.

Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC, a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California, lists down some of the other reasons why your healthcare establishment should be appropriately staffed at all times.

1. You could lose your reputation.
Your healthcare establishment should gain and maintain your community’s trust and loyalty. Your clients should know that they will always be in great hands when you’re the ones taking care of them. When your agency becomes short-staffed, there is a good chance you might not be able to fulfill that promise.

2. You could lose everything that you worked for.
Health care is and should always be a passion. Most people working in such an industry have dedicated their lives to helping people and saving lives. If something bad happens because you weren’t able to foresee and prepare for future staffing issues, there’s a possibility that all that you’ve worked could be for nothing.

3. You could lose a patient.
This is one of the worst things that could ever happen, second only to losing more than one patient. Every second matters in the healthcare environment, and every second that a patient is not attended to could mean the difference between life and death.
Partner with a provider of medical staffing in California that you can trust to keep your business adequately staffed at all times.

Why should a healthcare facility be adequately staffed at all hours of the day? We’d love to hear your reasons in the comment section.

Your Guide to Using a Medical Staffing Agency

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare provider organizations these days is finding the right talent. Before you can discover the right candidate, you usually have to go through tons of applications, interviews, and negotiations that consume so much of your precious time.

Why not consider using a provider of healthcare staffing in Gardena, California like Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC? Below is a list of benefits you can gain from partnering with the right medical staffing agency.

1. Quick hiring.
Relying on a medical staffing partner can save you both time and money. The company can thoroughly screen candidates to ensure that managers are not wasting time interviewing unqualified ones.

2. Flexibility.
Medical staffing companies offer temp staffing, which allows you to have people only when you need them. Working with these agencies allow you to have a fluid workforce that meets your specific hiring needs.

3. Lesser risk.
There are a ton of responsibilities that fall on an employer, like following labor laws, providing insurance, and covering taxes. From this standpoint, you can see why hiring employees is going to come with a financial risk, especially if they suddenly leave your company or need to be fired. When you work with a medical staffing company, these liabilities no longer have to fall on you.

For quality medical staffing in California, contact Epic Contract and Permanent Placement Staffing LLC.

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