Top 7 Qualities That a Registered Nurse Should Have

The healthcare industry is definitely facing one of the biggest challenges today – staffing shortage. Staffing solutions in California must be used and implemented to ensure that there are plenty of staff to provide care to the ever-growing number of patients in various care settings.

While there is a shortage of staff in the healthcare industry, it is important to note that the quality of these care professionals should not be compromised. The industry should have qualified individuals working in different facilities. Consider the following list of top qualities that a professional nurse should possess:

1. Education and training
The responsibilities of registered nurses are no joke. We are talking about the life of a patient. That is why it is crucial for any registered nurse to be educated and trained in the nursing field. Nurses must be knowledgeable in various areas such as the patient’s anatomy, medications and more.

2. Good attention to detail
Even the slightest change in a patient’s condition may already indicate a serious situation. Registered nurses must have good attention to detail to observe and pinpoint changes that might affect the patient’s medical condition.

3. Good organizational skills
This quality is most necessary when dealing with multiple patients and multiple medications. You do not want to mix up everything which can also mess up everything.

4. Good communication skills
The nurses are typically considered as the bridge between the patients and the entire healthcare team. They must have the ability to communicate the needs of the patients to the healthcare team. On the other hand, they must also be able to pass down information from the team to the patients in layman’s term.

5. Good interpersonal skills
Registered nurses deal with patients of different personalities. They must have good interpersonal skills to relate to what these patients are going through and inform them of what they should do in terms they can easily understand.

6. Good problem-solving skills
Different patients have different conditions. So, there is no single approach to their medical care. Nurses must figure out how to address their needs according to their specific situations.

7. Physical capabilities
Being a nurse is challenging. Apart from changing work shifts, there are also situations where they may have to carry medical equipment or provide physical support to patients. Nurses should be strong and healthy to handle these situations.

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